Magic Bytes about us


Magic Bytes is an international education and entertainment game publisher powered by a large network of industry professionals around the world. We use the latest technology to develop video games for consoles, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Our objective is to introduce modern video games and software that is not overly violent in nature and includes moral awareness, while emphasizing the educational value of new technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Magic Bytes is a member of the Orlando Game Space. The Orlando Game Space is a growing community of creative professionals that collaborate on amazing new products in gaming & education technology - like the new ISS Simulator for the visitor center complex at Kennedy Space Center.



Magic Bytes was founded in 2017 as an international privately owned company. However, Magic Bytes has been an established brand in European countries since 1987.


The Magic Bytes vision is to create new and exciting gaming & education technology (software and hardware) that is not only fun, but enlightening. We will do this by bringing together progressive international talent in art, programming, investing, marketing, and technology.


Magic Bytes has an international network of software developers, manufacturers, distributors and marketing professionals located in several countries around the world. The core development teams and company representatives are currently located in Orlando, Florida and in Bielefeld, Germany.


The company is led by its CEO and Founder, Thomas Meiertoberens. Manager for US Operations and Education Technology is Mai Nguyen.


Magic Bytes is a member of the Orlando Game Space.


The Magic Bytes brand was first introduced in Germany back in 1987 by founder Thomas Meiertoberens. The brand had its true debut with the introduction of European computer game releases, Western Games and Clever & Smart in that year.

After introducing popular cartoon characters such from Tom & Jerry and Pink Panther into their games, Magic Bytes quickly became a favored brand for home computer games. With sales and users climbing in Europe and Australia, Magic Bytes began claiming high rankings on industry charts and had several award-winning computer game hits.

At that time, most Magic Bytes games were developed for Commodore Amiga & C64, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, and for PCs - and a few titles were also adapted for MSX and ZX Spectrum. 

In 1989, Magic Bytes developed their first educational game, Wall$treet together with German book publisher, Falken-Verlag. Apart from its own developments, Magic Bytes also published games from other studios such as Digitek, Neo, ReLINE and Synetic. Distribution in German-speaking countries was handled by Bertelsmann subsidiary Ariolasoft.

Most games were translated to support various languages. Magic Bytes had also co-publishing or distribution agreements in Australia, France, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Italy, and Sweden. Agreements were made with various industry partners such as OziSoft, Infogrames, Ubisoft, Gremlin Graphics, MicroProse, Digitek or Erbe Software.

In 1997, Magic Bytes founder Thomas Meiertoberens decided to move to the United States and venture into Real Estate Investment. In 2000, the last Magic Bytes game was released for that time period.